Vocals, Clarinet and Guitar by Fiona Fey

Violins - Anna Lowenstein and James Patrick Gavin

Violin solo - James Patrick Gavin

Cello - Charles Cunliffe

Trombone - Yusuf Narcin

French horn - Emily Cunliffe

Bass - Christo Squier and Fred Stitz

Electric guitar - Christo Squier

Drums - Riccardo Castellani

Backing vocals - Reyhan Yusuf, Christo Squier and Laura inskip

Recorded by Neil Goody (Premises) and Rupert Gillett (Cabin studios)

Mixed by Neil Goody

Mastered by Nick Watson (Fluid Mastering)

Naive Wisdom is Fiona Fey’s debut album. It will be released in the winter of 2019.

Featuring a staggering array of musicians from London's jazz, folk and classical scenes, these ten symphonic audio-excursions showcase the breadth and beauty of Fiona’s artistry.

My Room (written after a partiularly long stretch of enforced sofa surfing) is about the feeling of rootlessness.

Paperclips explores the search for lost time, and constant pursuit of success at the expense of living.